Absolute dating of fossils depends on the decay of

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The weather, lightning, thunder, the planets and stars, disease, and life itself all function based on fairly well understood principles.

A god doesnt control them; the physical properties of matter and energy control the universe.

If you were to take two coins and glue them together, then drop them at the same time as you drop a single coin, would they fall twice as fast as the single coin?

Empirical evidence is not simply one type of evidence, but rather it is the only evidence that we can rely on, because it is reproducible.

Galileo and others started something big empirical science.

Thru ** science and the scientific method, we have come to a good understanding of the workings of the world and universe around us.

In Spain the Inquisition killed tens of thousands over a period of four centuries. For the crime of heresy the Inquisition could put him in a dungeon, torture or even execute him.

absolute dating of fossils depends on the decay of-6

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The Church eventually lost its battle over our view of the universe, but it only took them over three hundred years to admit it.There is also extensive evidence that Jesus and all gods are fictional characters myths created mainly by people who had little understanding of how our universe operates. If you could get ten good Christians to pray that this next coin wouldnt fall, would it still fall? This means that science doesnt incorporate any supernatural or religious assumptions and doesnt seek any religious or supernatural explanations. Around 1600, Galileo had a new idea for his culture.