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22-Dec-2017 10:25

Having said that, I really enjoyed this series : D I've been watching kdramas for more than a decade, and as others have commented, this series is very refreshing. Enough romance and drama to keep you well-entertained but not enough to make you cringe, or stressed out : D If you want to watch something light and fun, then I highly recommend this drama.

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Her father runs a small chicken restaurant and her uncle wants to become an actor.

However, I am more impressed when writers take a premise that is so simple and manage to effortlessly develop it into a story with substance that is able to attract the full attention and pique the interest of its viewers without any gimmicks.

Wfkbj was able to achieve that with just capitalizing on the purity and nostalgia of first loves, first heartbreaks, and heartwarming milestones spent with family and best friends, all relayed through honest storytelling without any air of pretension.

I am currently re-watching it and there is just something about the plot and chemistry between the characters that makes it very exciting. They really are able to sell a believable story that I love.

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Many dramas use these weird crazy fantasy elements to make it exciting but this down to Earth story really excites me. No fantasy elements, no faux symbolisms, no crazy and confusing plot twists/holes, and no pretentious writing here.. I am expecting more film that Lee sung kyung and Nam joo Hyuk will work together their chemistry is really different among others actors, this drama is so pure, honest, simple, and not the least bit pretentious in any way.

They gave it a casual approach, pointing out its importance without making a big deal out of it.