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Attendees catch up with old friends, but they also learn about how to take better footprint casts and the latest in cryptozoology – the search for and study of animals whose existence is unsubstantiated. Attendees also explore the field’s hard-hitting ethical questions, including whether or not it is morally permissible to shoot a Bigfoot to prove they’re real.A true Bigfoot has, of course, never been captured, and most purported evidence falls into the category of forensic ephemera, such as hair, footprints and scat. * * * he Bigfoot discipline is constantly growing and changing, and Sasquatch science takes a few big steps forward each year at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference.Still, he happily obliges the attendees who want a picture with him, a testament to his achievements in the field. “People in the Bigfoot community love to give a helping hand, and kids are growing up with Bigfoot and the conference.” A half hour after the conference opens, De Werth is at a table selling vintage Bigfoot books. He asks the proprietor for a magic marker and quickly writes up some signs directing the lines forming in the crowded vendor area.De Werth attributes this year’s particularly manic crowd to the current profusion of TV shows about the creature.(Thanks in part to the number of historic Bigfoot sightings in the park, Ohio ranks behind only the Pacific Northwest in reported U. VIP tickets, which cost and reserve the bearer a seat in the conference room where presentations occur, sold out in four minutes.Emceed this year by Cliff Barackman, co-host of Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot,” the OBC also features Bigfoot-themed merchandise of every kind: busts, t-shirts, jewelry, footprint casts, “sasq Watches,” mimeographed field reports, framed artwork, and even two kinds of Bigfoot wine.De Werth jumped into his truck and got the hell out of there.

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One says Bigfoot is a quantum being using “vortex holes” to go in and out of the Earth’s dimension, while another takes a more ecumenical approach and theorizes that Bigfoot and other cryptids could be Nephilim, the fallen angels cast out by God.

Stretching to its full height of over eight feet tall, it had broad shoulders and obvious muscles. De Werth reached for his camera, but the movement prompted the creature to turn and run.

Whatever was behind De Werth sprang into action as well, snapping branches and rustling bushes only a few feet away from him.

But this only spurs Bigfoot searchers to work harder. De Werth says this year’s gathering is the biggest OBC to date, and he’s rushing around the conference floor all day, greeting guests and making sure things are running as smoothly as possible.

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OBC-goers analyze evidence but also explore hypothetical aspects of the creature’s existence, looking for clues as to how they might behave and, thus, where they might be found. He appears to be enjoying himself, but occasionally snaps at people to keep things moving.“I want to promote Bigfoot awareness,” De Werth says.

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