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(the same amount Ron also sought on behalf of reported earlier this month that Van Den Heuvel failed to disclose prior business lawsuits to WEDC in a 2011 loan application. Hilliard Fint Trust, Waste Fiber Technology Inc., Waste Fibre Recovery LLC, Waste Fibre Recovery Technology LLC, Waste Liquid Recovery Technology LLC, Waste Material Recovery Technology LLC, Waste Poly Recovery Technology LLC, Waste Tire Recovery Technology LLC, White Eagle Sports Bar, WI Dept. The agency approved the loan after a background check failed to identify the lawsuits. Tammy Baldwin, US Securities & Exchange Commission / SEC, Van Den Heuvel Holding Company Inc. to say that his client was talking about giving money to political parties. Maccoux / Julie Hilliard Maccoux, New Co., OBC Chair Ronald Hill Jr., OBC Chief Counsel Jo Anne House, OBC Deputy Chief Counsel James Bittorf, OBC member 'Fleet' David Jordan, OBC Sec. But in his interview, Van Den Heuvel was critical of parties, specifically saying he did not give to the Republican National Committee. Lisa Summers, OBC Vice-Chair Brandon Lee Stevens / Brandon Yellowbird Stevens, Oconto Falls Tissue Inc., Oneida Business Committee / OBC, Oneida Energy Blocker Corp., Oneida Energy Inc., Oneida ESC Group LLC / OESC, Oneida Housing Authority / OHA, Oneida Indian Nation of New York / OINNY, Oneida Law Office, Oneida Nation Legislative Affairs Dept., Oneida Police Dept. “The other states business development and jobs area promotional personnel are more persistent, aggressive and hardworking; maybe that’s why they are winning.” …In a recent interview, Van Den Heuvel was questioned about ,000 in campaign donations that he and his wife [Jan Marie Summers Van Den Heuvel] made one day before the state approved a large issue of tax-free bonds for one of his businesses.

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(b): “To employ legal counsel, the choice of counsel and fixing of fees,” and for GTC to discuss and vote on retaining GROSS & KLEIN, LLP, which has agreed to represent GTC at a 20% discount.Such claims could, as appropriate, include claims for damages under federal racketeering laws, as well as claims under state law for fraud, professional negligence, and breach of fiduciary duties. William Cornelius Bruce King City of Green Bay Fmr.