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15-Oct-2017 23:57

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Whether or not the student actually learns a language or not is secondary.

And to be honest, we started Live Lingua with the same misguided goal.

That is why it is impossible for most people to fully learn a language using a book, software or audio course no matter how fancy they are.

At Live Lingua you work Here at Live Lingua we don't try to be the newest and coolest language learning gimmick.

Nobody can really learn a language by interacting with a computer, no matter how much that software spends on marketing. If software alone was really an effective way to learn something, we Live Lingua is not an audio course where you spend hours repeating what a tape, audio file or podcast tells you to. These are websites that pride themselves on having thousands, or tens of thousands, of tutors for you to choose from.

So, we took that to heart and made the decision to go in another direction from everybody else.

We work to have only the number of teachers we need, and make sure that each and every one of them is the best.

And we make it our mission to ensure you learn the language you set out to learn. The way to learn anything in life is by working hard and having support from experts and teachers.

Ask those giant companies to do what we do and see what they say! You won't ever learn a language by endlessly repeating what somebody else tells you to say.

Part of the earnings of Live Lingua go to hosting, maintaining and constantly updating this area.

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