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A homeless man is suspected in the death of a nine-year-old.

Giardella is killed before he can testify and Laura is the only witness to the crime.

Laura feels as though she's being dangled in front of Giardella.

John's buddy has trouble dealing with being locked up and makes the whole situation worse.

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The squad room gets a new detective's administrative aide, named Miss Abandando.

"4B" has Kelly come and appear before the tenant's readiness group, later the edgy "4B" is shot on a subway platform trying [...] (More)James goes to visit his brother but finds the super at the building is a cop who is on the take and slowly forcing tenants out. James' father comes down on him for not keeping an eye on his brother.

John contacts an old friend who's in IAB about Martinez's theories, but to protect Martinez from IAB, John takes a tape recorder in and gets [...] (More)A minor skirmish on the basketball court leaves one of Kelly's friends dead and the other in jail for murder.

Each week viewers see the gritty reality of life in a New York City Police unit as the officers go about their work with a grim determination.

Two partners, Detectives Andy Sipowicz and John Kelley (later replaced by Bobby Simone), are the central characters in this weekly police drama, and personify very different approaches to their difficult job.

Sipowicz makes some appearances at the hotel where Giardella is being held.

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