Why is updating a website important

28-Jul-2017 04:02

They can send spam emails from your server, which can end up getting you blacklisted.They may use your site in a distributed denial of service (DDo S) attack.

Most websites today run on content management systems and just as the content of a website needs to be regularly updated so is the case with CMS.But what I really want to focus on for starters is stressing how vital it is to regularly update Word Press itself and keep your plugins updated. For one, they can use the computing power of your server to mine cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.They may simply use your server to cloak their identity while they commit other nefarious acts.Updating your TYPO3 based website to the latest version is important not only for enjoying the latest added features but for numerous performance and security based reasons as well. Alongside including major speed improvements and easier workflows for everyday tasks, it also provides long-term support by ensuring regular maintenance and bug fixes until October 2018 and security and critical bug fixes until April 2020.

Source : https://audit4top.com/website-security-audit-detect-a-hacked-website Cyber-attacks pose a major risk to websites.

The TYPO3 CMS version 8.7 LTS is built on PHP version 7.

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