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Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. 8«i'i che si ritleite in un veiro o in acqua liinpida ma poco Si2 Readings on l/ie Paradtso. Da cui pnriire il cor spesso mi sento.'' In the Tancia of Michelangelo Bnonarrnlli {the youog Ok, act ii, sc. S., ivheieas the variant men Jorte he has verified m IS'* be»ides being the reading adopted by mosi of ihe old Cniii- mentaiors. Moot observes: '-This passage illustrates very nell ibe applicatiw of the principle li V^a V/r-ir Uctio in combination willi the scaic^T less fruiitul and important principle rhat that reading is 10 Ix preferred whiiac prior e\isiencc would not account for it. And yet, though desirous H ipeaking with him, she is not the lirst [o address him, but fcaiij until he makes his enquiries of her. xiii, 5) "seekcth not her own." It is that UH' |t)£iiuie3S inculcated by Sl Paul in Phil, ii, 4 : "Look not Iwy man on his own things, but every man also on the things ^others." ~ t Irappa vogtia ismaga : Dante's desire to converse with rictvda was so great, tnat his reason was almost wandering. Giuliani nvvcs thai these spirits, who arc perpetual inmaics of ihe nuiyi^u), appear 10 Uante during the differeni stages of his ■tnkced journey through Heaven, each in their own Spheres, \ fiv T him a gladsome welcome both with speech and with liellecttui lishi. B« trice removes a further doubt that had arisen in Dante^ mind. The words of Piccarda have aroused two doubts in Dante's mind, and feeling an equal amount of perplexity and disturbance both as to the one and the other, and not knowing which to mention first, he remains silent. prima si morria di fame, Che libe Huamo* I'un recasse ai denli.About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. Cai HC Debili si, c Ke perla in bianca frontc* Non vien men tosiot alle nostre pupille ; profonda ; e probabilmente vuol dire che quelle deboli ima S. sono air imagine petfetla riflessa in uno specchio ciu (he *j noie succinic iono al te Mo d'un libro." Dante is aiiefu! 4, Cecco exclaims that a piece of coral laid Upft] Tancia's ruby lips wnuld be indistinguishable : " Ell' ha quella hoccuwa rubinosa, Ch'a porvi su un coral non si vedrebbe." t m^nloslo: This reading Dr. If*' suppose i Jai Jte (o have wrillen /ifr U, it is impossible Iw ui. But so soon as they conclude their several ii8 Readings on tlu Paradise. His silence, he explains, being the result of absolute necessity, is neither dt'- serving of praise nor blame. xiii, Ml-61 " Si aliqua duo sunt penitiia squalia, non magis movetur Iwrno ad unum qu^m ad aliud ; sicut fainelicus si habel cibum xqu- liter appelibilem in diversis partibus, ct secundum jsiiu J? Butler sayt il[ seems to have been a favourite subject of logic in the Middtei Ages ; and is certainly as old as Aristotle {, De Cacio, li, ij. Biagioli savs thai tbb will, moved at the same instant by two equally pressing desires, remains, as it were, bound, and is unable to escape from su A irresolution, unless one of the two desires gives it a Rical impulse than the other. xiv:"C'est une plaisante imagination, de concevoir un cspi Zanto IV. SI $i Marebbc un agnot intra due brame Di fieri lupi, cgualmenie temendo ; SI si s Earebbe un cane intra due dame.]!Thus Dante's sound level sense holds its place in his great work. ~~- Id Divina Co Himedia di Danlt Alighicii col coroento di Pietio f Wtlcii.i.l. the Empyrean) and have pos- sesion of blessed life in different degrees, according IS they feel more or less the Kiernal Afflatus (of the Holy Spirit). ft//« ct Uitial: Understand spera, which Scarlaiiini says '"'"ns the degree, the condition tile souls in the Moon occupy ■'• %i lowest condition, or degree of blessedness. Canto Vi Cosl parlar conviensi al vosiro ingegno, Perocch^ solo da sensato* apprende Cio che fa poscia d' inlellello degno. Deus enim ortinibu) providet, secundum quod competit eorum naturae. j Slie then points out that the teaching of Plato in the Tmwkj. Forma hominis est »nii B rationalis, qux est de sc immortalis . The nearest appro K^ to the words quoted is the following: "Hoc ergo principio O quo primo intelligimus, sive dicatur intellectus, sive anima ii' tetlectiva, est forma corporis." And in a footnote at the begromtt of art. art 4: "Fo humani corporis est ipsa anima, qux est spiraculum vitte-V kto IV. 131 jhis meaning is, not so much that the souls issue the stars and return to them again, as that the exercise an influence over them, moving them good or to evil, then perhaps (Beatrice says) he ght not be far from the truth as understood Dante's time, when the influence of the stars. She goes on to show that it as owing to this very doctrine of Plato being taken I a wrong sense that caused nations to give to the lanets the names of the different heathen deities, c Ueving that each of these planets exercised the pedal influence of the god it was called after, eg. Mars the influence of (far, and so on, 1 f, therefore, Plato's opinion is under- ftood in this other sense, it would be in accordance with that of Dante, who has had no other motive for representing these discloistered dames in the Sphere (rfthe Moon, than as a mark of the influence upon Ibem of the instability attributed to that (so-called) planet E forse*' sua. ii, ^Wd Scarta/iini's obscri'ations thereon, wherein we see clearly 'w Uanie admitted the influence of the stars. And (yet) perchance this belief of liis is of Otho guise than hts words sound [i.t.His greatness is the greatness, not of great imagina- tive gifts alone, nor of great erudition alone, nor of sound judgment alone, nor of musical expression alone ; but of all these mingled together, and made to contribute their share in his matchless work. (Thi* work is tieltcr known as " II Fauso Boc- cwcio.") — ia Di Tins Commedia vollala in prosa d.i Mario Fo RESt. They showed themselves here not be- cause this Sphere is allotted to them, but merely to be li) thee an indication of the heavenly (sphere) that ^ the least ascendency. Per qucsto la Scrittura condiscende t A vostra facultate, e piedi e mano AUribuisce a Dio, cd altro intende ; I 4; £ santa Chiesa con aspetto umano • struato: Tommas6j paraphrases this : "Da oggetto seasibilf apprende quel che poi divien inlelligibile." Tommas^o funha quotes the so-called Arislolelian doctrine, which howev« (Dr. Esi ram naturale homini ut per scnsibilia ad intelligibilia veniat; (]M omnis nostra cognitio a sensu initium habe U Unde conven KIV' ler in sacra Scriptura iradunlur nobis spirituatia sub meiaahoni corporalium," Dr. alcuno seom dal quale comincia la nostra conoscenza." t condiscende : "Omnes, qui spiritaliler intelliguni Scriplur^^ non membra corporea per iata nomina, scd spintales poten W acciperc didiceruni, sicui galeas el scutum et gladiuni el ula multa." (St. and the teaching of the Church are by no mcan^ the same, for the latter speaks only in meta- fl Mrical language ; while Plato really seems to have been giving what he believed to be a real account of tte transmigrations of the souls, first from the stars ^n which they took their origin, then into human bodies which they animated with life, and then back •pin into their respective stars after death, and he nwjnt his words to be taken in their literal sense. I, I find: " In concilio Viennensi Clemens V, sic damia* eos qui aniniam corporis esse fomiam non agnoscebani ; 2»fr guts asstrere, difendere., sat tcntre per/inaciln' finrsumfif^ qudil anima ralionalis sen inlel Ucfiva non sil /orma lerff O Humam per sc esscntiaiiler, tanquam haereticus sit censtn^i"' Comparealsoari. sententa h d'altta guisa 55 ^^H Che la voce non suona, ed esser puoie ^^H Con inlen/Lon da non es^er derisa. is not 10 be tnenlf taken in the literal sense), and may be with a i ing that is not to be derided.It is with deep gratitude thai I have been per- mitted to dedicate these volumes to our most distinguished English Dantist Again must 1 record my heart-fell thanks to my friend Mr. R- Tedder, the Secretary and Librarian of the Atliena^um, who has revised ray work from lirst lo last. \x n im^i Oisibie for me to find words to thank him adequately for his iindeviating kindness and patience. uw(ll«suj)on the last edition {,^mong ihe demi-gods. perhaps, a weakness to ipcik in superlatives, and he hazards too much who alls Dante the greatest among poets, for Dante lacks some qualities which the very greatest should possess', but it is less hazardous to speak of the Divine Comedy as a poem which holds a lonely and unchallenged place He who was not the greatest \i\ Introduction. Dei Serafin* colui che piii s'ind[a,t Mois J, Samuel, e quel Giovanni, Qu.^l prender vuoli, io dico.While tlie plan, much of the connecting narrative, and t OBK of the notes, are due lo Benvenuto, 1 have taken toll of the laho KTS of many ancient and modem commentators^ •lioie writings are mentioned in the list of authors ton. I om unable to thank each one, but I cannot avoid expressing my special obhgations to some recent publications. Careful research, minute in- liiiry and keen criticism, have served to bring his ([enius into clearer light. of poe Ui is yet the author, perhaps, of the greatest yovii) of the world. He is one to whom all the changing passions of man's nature, his doubts and misgivings, the subtle changcfulness of his moods, his strange despondency, his remorse, the liberation of his spirit into joy, were worthy of the deepest reflection. non Maria, Non lianno in altro cielo i loro scanni.Public domain books are our gateways lo the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. Accadcmico Cormponilenle dclln Cfl with an Inlroduction by the late Deao Richald W. " Hut," says Casini, '' in that cjise tt'Duld not have said quanio si conrenne, but quanio it for the preterite indicative convcnne must of necessity logical agreement with ihe analogous term Ici'iu io ti'Pe.Marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. An fsperini Fiit in liteiil Tl Inuiil Uion by Chatles Lancelot Shadweix. Dante does mean is that, in lifting up his head for the \ of inclining il aflenvards as a si^ of afiirmation, he perform an action that could wear the least semblance of | but an action that was modest and prudent ; and which, u 1 says, did not exceed the bounds of moderation." t non mi smi-jcnnc : Observe, Dante bad raised his he«i^ confess himself in error, and to give a respectful acquiescffl W in Heatrice's arguments. Vere sustaniie son cio che tu vedi, Qui rilegate per manco di voto.

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XV of llis times Dante knew; but, though the poem is full of entdilion, it is free from pedantry. Uanie's meaning is therefore: — "the sublimes Anj^e U anil the most ei«alied Saints of Paradise have not thei' abode elsewhere than those spirits, of whom Pkcaida is noe- that_Ihou hast just seen," ^ t findfa; " Fare partecipe della beatitudine, e delle gran* divine." i Urnn Di M'n/irio, s.v. X ^ii' o "teno anni: Casini explains that the blis^ of alld* spirits is in equal deyree eternal for them all, and that Dante ^ here indirectly censuring another Platonic theory, which brf* that souls, returniiijj from their bodies to their stars, remaioe" there a longer or a shorter time according to their merits. 127 E dif Terentemente han dolce vita, 35 Per semir piii e men I'etemo spiro.Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. Tlie Puigatorr of Dute Alighim (Pqie Ki |.i«vii% An npcrinie Dt in Lilctil Vrnc Tioss Ution by Ci M I-uncdoi ? as one sees iloii looking down on a dark still pool, or, to change H^ simile, as one dimly discerns an object upon a ^Vground of the same colour, such as a pearl against an alabaster complexion. From this peaceful life she was forcibly withdrawn by her fierce broths' Corso, and compelled to wed one Rosellino dcl Li Tosa. 73) explains that, as in Dante's lime Latin was lit language spoken and written by learned people, the word Jutw came to be used to signify an ornate speech, or oration, Mia/W'. xvii, 34, 35; rptr chiare parole, e con precise Latin, rispose." Cavemi adds : ■ Ewtcbt Intto ci6 ch'f ornato 6 facile, e anzi i la facilit S una c Wiiione esseniiale alia grazia ; latino venne a signilicare anche Mt, agevote- Di tjuesia voce in tale sign ifica to h vivo latinare, pt detlo da' concitttori 'liri tiegli Ariigiani di Firfme, dt Girolamo Gargiolli, ,'iftntc, 1876, where in pp.86, 87, a detailed description is given ''W lambskins "si lalinanoconallrobaslone piu ccirto (termed tjf^ilane da litlinare) che si adopera come il ferro da pelare.

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